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Ypsilanti, MI

Team Up with the Premier Restoration Company in Ypsilanti, MI

Restoration is not just a business for us; it’s our passion. For years, Gateway Restoration Inc. has been a leading restoration company in Ypsilanti, MI, consistently delivering exceptional quality and timely services. Whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of a house fire or assisting you in relocating post-flood, our skilled team is here to support you. Through every challenge, we stand by your side, ensuring a smooth transition back to regular life.

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Restoration Challenge

In the aftermath of a disaster like a fire or flood, what you need most is a reliable partner. Our restoration company is dedicated to helping you reclaim normalcy in your life. We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. We ensure that whether it’s your home or business, it’s brought back to its original state.

Our services include:

Experience Quality Restoration by Trained Professionals

Gateway Restoration Inc.’s crew, composed of highly skilled professionals in Ypsilanti, MI, is always prepared to offer a comprehensive restoration for homes impacted by fires, floods, or other calamities. With our extensive experience in the field, there’s rarely a situation we haven’t encountered. As a top-notch restoration company, our primary objective is to ensure you can return to a restored home without undue delay. We focus on speeding up the restoration process, letting you return to living fully rather than being burdened by repair concerns.

We are available to provide emergency services 24/7. Call us for a free assessment.

Team Up With Us to Receive the Best Restoration Services in the Area

Water Damage

If your property experiences flooding, you can trust us to correctly and safely remove the water, prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and assist with odor removal.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Our fire and smoke damage restoration services include inspection and assessment, smoke and soot removal, and cleaning and sanitizing.

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Storm Damage

If your property experiences flood damage, you can count on us to inspect thoroughly and provide restoration solutions that will last.